Welcome to the world, little ones

Two of my infinitely admirable male cousins have just been blessed, along with their partners, with their first child. My cousin Anthony and his wife Tina had little Colbie this July, and I was lucky to make it home from my cross-country trip the day before the new little family came to visit my parents and so got to meet and hold and fall in love with her. My cousin Andrew and Joanne welcomed Alexis just this week. These daughters are the first great-grandchildren in the Levin family line (at this point, of course) and my dad’s brothers, their grandfathers, couldn’t be prouder. Alexis just joined us but soon she’ll know the many-handed adoration of our clan; at her baby shower, her little second cousin (is that right?) was passed around from woman to woman, returning to Momma only to eat and be changed.

This is my unofficial birth announcement: Welcome to the world, Alexis Whitney Levin, just born on October 24, and Colbie Anne Levin, born July 17. I am so excited to watch you both grow into young women. And to my cousins and their lovely partners and our new family members, congratulations!