Good eats in Washington D.C.


A funny thing happened on the way to this Monday… Facebook went public, the Giants won Super Bowl XLVI

-o- Facebook went public -o-
Here’s a take from Wired: “The 6 most surprising things from Facebook’s IPO filing.” Also, check out Mashable‘s “illustrated view” of the filing.

-o- The Giants won the Super Bowl -o-
And it was a great game. Both teams played so efficiently; the game lasted less than four hours WITH the halftime show, and I have no evidence for this yet, but I think that there was more actual playing time than usual. But Manning won out!

Other notables from the game:

  • Was Madonna really singing? I could barely hear her. She looked beautiful, though. According to an AP article, M.I.A. stole the show, Janet-Jackson style. Get the story.
  • Commercials: mehhhhh. Babies, cars, some mildly offensive overuse of exotic women, beer and snack food. According to Todd Wassmerman at Mashable, Honda’s Ferris Bueller ad got the most buzz. Here’s the article.
  • According to the Giants’ website, they won the Super Bowl 24 hours before kickoff. Here’s the article on Mashable… funny! Hey, they were right.

-o- One Occupy D.C. camp taken down -o-

Here’s NPR’article on the dismantled protest.

-o- Best D.C. Restaurants for Valentine’s Day -o-

According to The Washington Post, the three best restaurants in the District for Valentine’s Day dining are:

  • Cashion’s (for the foodie)
  • Toki Underground (for the hipster)
  • Plume at the Jefferson Hotel (for the traditionalist)
Here’s the column by Tom Sietsema.
My favorite restaurants in D.C. for romantic dining are:
Brian and I are staying in and cooking this year… stay tuned for the menu! Here’s our New Year’s Eve dinner menu.

-o- New internet trend, apparently: Breading Cats -o-

I just can’t figure out how this got started. Did someone try and play on the term “breeding”? Did a cat trip and fall, or otherwise get themselves into a piece of bread, sparking an idea?
Here’s the article on Gawker. And, my favorite part of all this, the best Tweets on the subject, also from Gawker. Don’t worry, there are pictures!

-o- Check out my brother’s new blog, Jammable -o-

My younger brother James has begun blogging. He’s already kicking my butt. Check it out: Jammable.